Christmas Offers

 From Stuck to flow

 2  x sessions 


1) Clearing all that is draining your energy

2) Clearing the energy between you & whatever you are stuck in or a goal you want to move toward

 $250 (save $30)

  Distance or in clinic 







Relationship harmony 

 2  x sessions 


Relationship Balance – This session will highlight what relationships you attract into your life 

and the repeating patterns you keep living including relationships of all forms, including the self.

Clearing the energy between you and your relationships – This session clears all stuck energies between you & your 

relationships ,including all the disempowering states that your energy can go into, we then re-pattern the system to come back to it's point of power. ( this can be any relationship, work, self, family, god, life etc)

$250 (save $30)

 Distance or in clinic 

 Soul Talk

 2 x Soul level clearing sessions 

 1 x Energy Restructure Balance

 1 x specially crafted liquid crystal remedy for soulful inspiration


  Are you are ready to break out of the matrix conditioning and use your creative power to align

 to your highest and best possible pathways that allow you to truly thrive right at the centre of your own

 authentic grid of YOU ?

  Soul Healing offers you a unique opportunity to make new choices and substantially shift

  your current experiences with ease, confidence, authenticity and freedom


$380 (save $80)

 Distance or in clinic