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  "She is a wild, tangled forest with temples & treasures

                           concealed  within.”   


1.1 sessions aim at alchemising energetic pollution & blocks to truth so that you can heal yourself & answer the callings of your soul.

Over a lifetime we are exposed to allot of systemic conditioning ....and so have our ancestors, which gets passed down in our dna.


Modern day living  also brings with it many artificial energies from food, to EMF, to Chemicals, to information etc etc.

It is easy to lose yourself in it all

We are the first generation to have lost touch with a creative path(making things/having hobbies) in favor of being a consumer ( technology)

There comes a time when we are called to go within, create a clearing, shake off the shackles

of limitation, mine our inner treasures & rise renewed, empowered and true.

This might be through choice, a deep calling, a transition, big unexpected change, a bout of anxiety or depression or an upcoming big leap of faith.

Whatever ever the cause, it is a call to action, to take the plunge into your own wilderness, unravel from all that is false, that blinds and obscures rather than clarifies and reveals.

Yes it might get uncomfortable to step out of your comfort zone, but......


You will remember how to deeply trust yourself, to listen to your intuition and to follow your heart.

And most of all you will have reclaimed YOU


I Work multidimensionally so every level is worked on in a very holistic and grounded way.

The use of crystalline, star, animal and tree essences are often drawn into the session to support, guide and infuse the healing process

My spiritual lineage expresses through me in the voice and frequency of the wise woman.

I am a natural clairvoyant/psychic

I have trained and qualified in many modalities over the years including Dip Kinesiology, RAW, Multi -Dimensional Energetic Clearing, Egyptian Shamanic Healing, Vibrational Remedies and Liquid Crystals, Angelic Healing, Nutrition & Toxicity etc etc etc 

Every session is different and will take us down a new pathway or protocol

Sessions run for approximately 75 mins

Choose your own pace, dipping your toes in, immersion or 5 month deep dive programme with written support & remedies in-between each session.

"I would highly recommend you to anyone who is up against road-blocks in life  &                      looking to make real changes for themselves and their outlook."

                                                Michelle,  Melbourne

1.1 session        
Immersion ~ 5 sessions