Would You Like To know Your Primary Negative Life Patterns?

We live in a holographic Universe where everything reveals itself in patterns. Our life relationships may exhibit negative patterns. These are usually the biggest stresses in our lives, and the hardest to overcome. They keep repeating themselves, until they cause too much pain and we feel that we have had more than enough.

Kinesiology, as a bio-feedback system can identify your prime negative life patterns and the emotions that run them & at what age they were first imprinted.

Would you like to find out what your negative life patterns are ?

I will send to you via email a written report consisting of your two negative life patterns, the emotion that triggers

you into the patterns and at what age they were first programmed in.

 As a taster I am offering the reading for $50 and if you wish to clear the pathway of impact after receiving your reading you can book in for a full session for a deeper dive.

Please make payment  &  then fill out the form here along with your age and  "Negative life pattern reading"

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