The Akashic Records or "The Book of Life" as Edgar Cayce called it can be likened to the universe's super computer system, much like google.


The Akashic Records are a place where every thought, intentions, action and emotion from ALL of our lifetimes are stored & recorded. 


Imagine if you had a scribe that sat in on every part of your life and recorded every choice that you made that went against your divine truth. Have you ever wondered why you may have repeating patterns showing up in some areas of your life?  Or why you feel blocked to acheving certain goals?


By accessing your record we can trace back to the root cause and the negative choice that was made in this lifetime or in a past lifetime whereby you maybe perpetuating the same choice now.This creates new awareness and fosters new conscious choices that we can make that are congruent to our divine truth/nature now.


Knowing who you are at soul level takes the guess work out of career choices, relationships, friendships and serves to remind you of the unique beauty that is you... so no more hiding

away or seeking to change yourself to fit in.


When reading the Akashic records we are attuning to the infinite, the field of universal intelligence.




Divine Blueprint- Soul Profile


  In this reading we will uncover the Divine nature of your

own Soul via your akashic records.The gifts and traits that

connect you to your souls originating tribe, divine gifts and talents

that come naturally to you via your unique pathway/s of expression

that when embraced create abundance for you, how many guides

you have to call on, your chosen life theme (lesson) and your strongest

intuitive gifts at present. I will also delve in a retrieve additional expertise

you are not even aware of.


These readings serve to awaken you to the beauty that you are and also highlight areas that your soul will flourish in. When we get to know ourselves at soul level we let go of judgments on how “we should be” and embrace the gifts we are given.


For allot of clients this is a very healing reading and helps to realign and awaken you to your own path instead of resisting it or living through others gifts.











Soul Healing - Forensic Healing 






Do you get stuck in revolving patterns?


These patterns may show up in your relationships, health, money,

career, love &  can often be traced back to childhood, past lives,

genetic memory,

ancestral trauma, religious programming and mind control etc


When we make choices that go against our truth we create negativity,

in turn when we make choices that are congruent to our truth we create positive life change.


What if there are "unseen blocks"  that are creating this misalignment to truth?


         This is a very deep session that uncovers “unseen” programs, implants, vows etc & removes systems

          and methods of mind control, suffering and suppression that you are not even really aware of.


         Most people will experience this "unseen" influence as being unable to break out of a pattern, chaos,

         attracting  negative experiences, being in survival mode, going around and around in a cycle unable to

         evolve beyond a certain point. 


         If you want to really break out of the matrix conditioning and use your creative power to align

         to the highest and best possible pathways that allow you to truly thrive right at the centre of your own

          authentic grid of YOU- this session is a must 


         A soul Healing offers you a unique opportunity to make new choices and substantially shift

         your current experiences with ease, confidence, authenticity and freedom


















































































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