I would describe myself as an extremely sensitive person…. My mood can change in an instant and for little to no apparent reason. I am affected emotionally, physically and mentally by the merest brush of an encounter with another person, familiar or complete stranger.

Surrogate(taking on others energy) is my middle name. Fortunately I am aware of this and highly attuned to when it is happening so that I can have it cleared as soon as possible and not fall victim to the fall out which can in turn upset those around me (those innocent bystanders I love the most).

When I was awoken the other night by a loud bang in the bedroom, which my partner also heard, I noticed some very distinct markers in my reaction. Firstly I didn’t just assume it was my cat, a regular night prowler who has learned that knocking things of my dressing table is a sure fire ticket to a midnight whiskers tin… to these feline liberties I usually wake calmly experiencing only mild irritation and an automatic semi-comatose like response of swift action to remedy kitty’s hunger so I can sleep again.

In this instance though, I awoke with a loud gasp, physically jumping or rearing back into my partner in a panic. My reaction was completely inconsistent with my usual environment; one born of what I know was an intellectually unwarranted sense of pure fear. My partner immediately comforted me, confirmed that there was in fact a loud bang like a balloon popping and got up to find what damage kitty had done. There was nothing. No housemate awake, or cat inside… no objects displaced and no explanation in sight. This was the incident that really prompted me to examine my recent feelings within my house… How id been feeling “at home.”

Realising that I was spending my entire working day (usually between 11 and 13 hours) willing the time away so that I could get home faster, wanting nothing more than to be “at home” and yet also identifying a severe shift in my mood upon finally being home… I knew there was something present in MY HOUSE, and that my moods were not just a mere symptom of my usual taking on others energies. As with every Spiritual/Energetic anomaly I have the privilege of experiencing, I IMMEDIATELY asked Susan to perform a clearing and figure out what was at play.


Using RAW and her heavy duty spiritual house cleaning tools lol, she cleared the house, land and surrounding area, clearing energies that were lingering and had attached themselves to the house. There were many energies at play here which she dissolved and released, leaving my home a completely different place to be in.

We pick up energies all the time, sometimes they pick US up. Living in a shared home this can be chaotic…. I will always notice when my own vibration is out, but will miss it when it is that of my surrounds or environs. I will swing in and out of feeling OK, believing it is “just me” when actually it is several things around my house and my interaction with them (or lack thereof depending on where they are) The difference I felt once things were cleared was so dramatic...it shocks me that I could have possibly overlooked their presence & go along with feeling blahh in my house... if it wasn’t for that midnight BANG!


Michelle Califano

South Australia