Healing Programme




       GAIA’S LIGHT ~Grounding the New Earth Energy 


                     7 sessions facilitated via distance, recorded and sent to you to listen to at any time

                    7 liquid crystal remedies to take throughout the journey

                    7 personalized affirmations after each session













 Clearing the energy between your cellular anatomy and a very unknown sacred brain on the etheric level that holds your true source of wisdom, activating the living god field intelligence –  allows for balanced kundalini   flows & accelerated manifestation abilities etc


Clearing your energy between you, the spirit world and the dead ancient tribes view depression or anxiety differently they see it as the markings of a healer, by harmonizing this relationship anxiety felt  from the unseen, the ancestors, the deceased and dead light cease


Heart and brain coherence faster healing of the body system,  feelings of bliss etc


Opening up to plasmic light - allot  of the reactivity occurring to higher energies is due to resisting the metabolism of spiritual & solar  light   


Clearing of the DNA and blood  - 777 is a clearing code that uses the power of divine love to remove ancestral imbalances that blocks your soul from experiencing god (our original DNA followed the sequence of God Eternal Within the Body) this is cleared from 7 generations past and forward.


Clearing of the spinal cord- the spinal cord has much wisdom to draw from likened to an antennae – you will notice a fluidity in your body and a surge of empowered dynamic energy


Energy restructure balance- balancing the energy structure through core, foundation and connection.

If our energy structure is out of balance then we are unable to hold and sustain new energy as our energy keeps collapsing


  You will receive          


               1 x urinary system key with sulphur (wisdom)

              1 x liquid animal key -your choice of power animal to align to via the flame of power

              3 x Tree remedies based on your name at birth-aligns you to the flame of Love






7x sessions $777 ($111 each normally $140)

               7 x liquid crystals $111 ( includes postage)





Here are a few areas you will notice a big difference


Accelerated manifestation

Increased psychic ability

Grounded, dynamic, radiant energy

You will be aware of how you have been living your earth walk( unconscious stuff) thus far & have the clarity to make those changes

Your body will hold more light –I reconnect you to your ancient lumerian etheric brain ( this is will rebalance kundalini throughout the body which is normally blocked around the root, sacral, solar plex and awaken your god field intelligence)

Feeling a profound connection to nature & ancestors from all pathways

Increased healing abilities

I could go no :)







I have 3 completely new additional processes that may test up in each balance


* States Balance- All the different disempowering states the energy can go

into, re-patterning your system to come back to your point of power


*Relationship balance- looks at what relationships you attract into your life

(all forms) and the repeating patterns you keep living


*Energy restructure balance- balancing the energy structure through the core,

foundation and connection. If your energy structure is out of balance then you

are unable to hold and sustain new energy as our energy keeps collapsing






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