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Quantum Kinesiology

Rekindled Ancient Wisdom(RAW) is a a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional energy balancing modality that helps

open you up to your own ancient wisdom & ancient knowledge.


These sessions are fantastic at clearing away energetic clutter that impacts us on many different levels eg

, physical ( imbalances) mindset, emotional, life, relationships etc etc.


You decide what you want to work on and release , we place this into the session and the balancing system and

protocols within RAW go about clearing, recalibrating, resetting, harmonizing and restructuring the energetic matrix.


I find these sessions access divine synchronicities, new awareness, expanded consciousness and tap into the field of

universal intelligence.


There are an unlimited number of areas & issues you can work on...a truly amazing modality



 $140 per session 


 $160 per session with a personalised liquid crystal remedy sent to you prior to session



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