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 Surrender, Release, Receive


Most of us have been taught that giving is superior to receiving and as a result, many of us are driven to give and to sacrifice ourselves continuously.

Life becomes all about obligation and doing what others demand and require and we often end up in total exhaustion, resenting everyone and everything. Often we hold so tight to our past,  we want the change but allowing life to take away what no longer serves us is a tough gig sometimes. 


It is in the resistance to surrendering and the letting go of attachment that often places us in a pattern of over giving, holding on or holding back because we have not created enough space to be open to receive the new.

Where does receiving fit with all this? When’s the last time you allowed yourself to truly receive?

When’s the last time you truly nurtured and cared for you?

When we are out of balance with the universal law of giving AND receiving our flow stops, less money,

fewer clients, more bills, never getting ahead, exhaustion, physical issues, lack of support etc etc.

For any true new beginning to occur we must surrender what is not working and let go to connect to the magic of the



 When we do this we allow for an alchemical shift the pure healing that occurs within our body when we let go and

allow the void of creation to activate the alchemical healing process that holds the Platonic solids, minerals and nutrients

needed to truly transform.

For this to occur we have to have energy running through us-the energy is creating the changes, it is the alchemical

frequency and elements  of the universe.

Let the feminine lead the way, receive her in silence.

Package of 2 sessions both of which are facilitated in silence and run for 60 mins each.

1) Bars session - You have 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of

your life, they store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have

ever had about anything. Once a bar is held it becomes activated by your own electromagnetic energy and all issues stored

in that bar are released.

2) Kinesio Energetic Clearing - using RAW, platonic solids, sound and liquid crystals.

You will also receive a liquid mineral remedy to consume for 21 days post session to assist and support you.