~Testimonials ~

This woman is an angel. She gives the most amazing and transformative, powerful healing. Strongly recommend
Lauren L Melbourne

I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude and sincerest thanks, for the wonderful session you gave me yesterday and at such short notice. You are an absolute angel!


Sally , Melbourne

​Thank you so much for the emergency session :)I can't tell you how much better I feel, dramatic difference.
YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! And I can't thank you enough.



Amazing Amazing Amazing!! I 'm lost for words...again!
it is so spot on in every way..Feel so great today! :)


V.M Melbourne


You're wonderful and the work is magic!

Nikki, Melbourne

Just wanted to say a big thank-you for my session last week , I feel so much more empowered I can’t believe how different I feel , I feel me again – fantastic session.


Lisa, Melbourne

My experience with Susan was fantastic, she was able to bring things up that were relevant for releasing. Susan is a very gifted healer

.Many blessings


Lucia , Vic

Susan you are amazing, you were able to release energy that had been dormant for over 30 years! Wow- thank-you so much, much love & blessings…..you have given me back my life

Judy xx Vic

Thank-you for my session Susan, it was amazingly relaxing & healing which left me feeling energized & uplifted.

Rose , Melbourne

Thank-you for taking that extra step Susan, you are a very gifted & compassionate practitioner, thank-you.

Rachel,  Melbourne

Great work Susan, I would highly recommend you to anyone who is up against road-blocks in life and looking to make real changes for themselves and their outlook.


Michael C , Melbourne




Susan , I just wanted to tell you I have made

more progress in the time I have been having sessions with you than in the last 10 years of self development , thank-you so so much, there is so much change happening in my life now and while it is a little scary I am so excited & ready, I feel like a kid again lol

Thanks again,


Mark Melbourne




HI Susan, just a bit of feedback for you ! I have seen an incredible shift in my daughter- overall its really amazing !


Tamara, Melbourne

I consulted Susan for an energy clearing as there were a few things in my life that were creating issues.I had been trying to sell my car for months with absolutely no interest.



Even though I hadnt told Susan about the car it came up in the session ! To my surprise a few days after the session someone called up and wanted to buy it for my asking price !!!!


I was gobsmacked and of course a very happy client...love your work!


Elisia, Brisbane



Thank you for your healing yesterday it has made a big difference even in such a short space of time.I found it quite amazing ,I didn't expect a distant healing session to be so powerful-thank-you.

Rose, SA

I dont know how you do it Susan and at such a distance.. but I can tell you it works.I felt so much better just talking with you, you have a very healing voice and the level of care & insight you have is amazing. Thank-you so much xx

Amy UK

I have had regular distance sessions with Susan for a year now and each time I find it puts me back into alignment with myself and my goals.In the past year I have made many changes in my life that are bringing me so much more happiness ,enjoyment & support that I never felt I really had before.

I cant wait for my next session with you xx

Marcella SA

I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how fantastic i think you are and what you do is amazing, I am starting to feel so much more freedom within myself and I have noticed shifts in the way others respond to me and how I respond(not react lol) to them...thank-you gorgeous x


​Susan guided me through a very painful period in my life , through this time Susan was totally amazing in helping me find my brilliance again , I will always be so very grateful - a true earth angel xx

Ann D UK



" Susan is an inspirational practitioner. Her knowledge and experience across a range of modalities is astounding. Not only is she exceptionally skilled, highly intuitive and filled with integrity, she truly walks her talk. Sessions with Susan are always interesting, empowering, insightful and thorough. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to uncovering blockages. Her warmth, generosity, kindness, compassion, understanding, wisdom and caring attitude allow me to feel completely comfortable with her, no matter how raw or vulnerable I am feeling. Thank you Susan for always going above and beyond in your dedication to your work and for everything you have taught me. I feel so blessed to have found you! "


Brid O - Melbourne

"I've been seeing various Kinesiologists for over 10 years in an attempt to overcome social and performance anxiety... the therapists i've seen over the years were very good but i was never able to overcome the condition until i started seeing Susan.

Where others had helped me feel better and gradually improve my condition, Susan has managed to get me to a place where i am finally achieving my goals in life without feeling like i'm holding myself back due to self doubt or bouts of anxiety during times when i really need to be on my A game, thank you Susan - i highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to overcome self limiting conditions in their life."


Michael C, Melbourne


Susan is a wonderful healer very skilled gentle and caring


William , QLD


Susan , I just wanted to tell you I have made

more progress in the time I have been having sessions with you than in the last 10 years of self development , thank-you so so much, there is so much change happening in my life now and while it is a little scary I am so excited & ready, I feel like a kid again lol

Thanks again,


Mark Melbourne




I am so grateful to my friend who recommended me to Susan. Amazing, Pure, power, guidance.

Highly recommend. :)


Merton M Melbourne





Susan I am so happy to let you know how well my husband is doing now after the treatment.Prior to finding you we had seen many different specialists for his condition with no answers or light shed on what we could do or why the condition was occuring.After only one session and following through on your advise I would like to tell you he has done a full circle & we are so happy with the treatment, we were finally able to get some resolution!
We are so happy with your treatment that you can be sure we'll be referring anyone who might benefit from your services.

Kind regards,


Fotini , Melb

I first came to see Susan because I was craving junk food , I felt tired & generally blahh.Susan quickly detected that I had tension held in my Jaw,sensitivity to copper and I also had candida.After a few sessions I felt so much better, the excema that I had on my hand dissappeared as did the candida and my cravings too.


Danni, Melbourne

I had been referred to Susan by a friend of mine who had great success with her treatments so I decided to give it a go.I had horrible headaches and felt like I was grinding during sleep & feeling tired on waking.After a few sessions working on my TMJ ,my central nervous system , stress and magnesium deficiency I feel like a whole new person.I also learned a whole lot about myself in the process and how to prevent this happening again.

Thank-you for your fantastic work!

Allan ,Melbourne

​Liquid Crystals​

Susan I just wanted to thank-you so much for the magic drops you gave me.I went back to the specialist to get another scan on my breasts(one month) and my specialist looked at me and asked " what have you been doing differently ?", and I said why and he showed be that the golf ball size calcification in my breast had reduced to the size of a grain of rice!!! He said it was a miracle ,but I know it was your drops.Thankyou xxx

T Davidson ,NSW


​House & land clearing​

Thank-you so much for the property reading and clearing you did on our home and land.We have noticed a huge difference in the way we feel in the house , there is a clarity and peace that wasnt there before.The children are sleeping better and I feel motivated again.Thank-you from our family x



Healing for animals


I just wanted to let you konw that Charlie is a differnt dog after the session.He appears to be alot calmer and has stopped running around the house and wimpering.Thank-you for the insight into what was creating this in our household.

You are amazing !

Deb , Melbourne

OMG ,thank-you for your brilliant sessions I always feel like you snap me back into reality and into loving myself again.

Thank-you again  xx

D C Sydney

​I really appreciate your healing work,
Love and hgs to you
SM , Melbourne