SOUL FREEDOM- 80 min session- $170 + liquid crystal 

Available in clinic and via distance from January 6th 2018

Exit the old patriarchal matrix and flourish in your sovereignty. This session delves deep into the DNA to reverse and remove the intricate webbing and programming by the Cabal(mind control) and other negative syndicates, removing the unseen forces that keep soul’s in the false “matrix” clearing lifetimes of layers.


You will also receive a beautiful activation meditation I created called "star blossoms" which reawakens the dreamer and uncovers pieces of star power long ago forgotten.

This session is an eyeopener and a must for anyone wanting to transcend illusion and awaken to deeper truth, love, passion and unity.

VISION BOARD DAY (group) $170- maximum of 7 ( Jan 2018)

Personal -$360 -runs for 3 hours

Couples- $200 each-runs for 3 1/2 hrs


A divine ritual to create magic for 2018.


Group clearing ( RAW balance)

Aligning to magnificence meditation

Creation of a new vision- vision boards

Stepping into the vortex of possibility

Blessing formulation ( quantum healing)