Waves of Light ~ Energetic Stabilisation 


We are currently experiencing mass Energy Mayhem that is the collective reaction to planetary changes( higher consciousness). The changes are POSITIVE, although the mass reactions are FEAR BASED causing intense chaos in our collective field. We are in need of stabilisation and the only way out is Energetically e.g. raising our frequency above it all.



 Here are a few levels of consciousness that are currently playing out...


  Trigger Mode -       Entertaining chaos, actually (blindly) being IN and drawn into the collective chaos,

                                   these are what I call potholes( black holes), your whole reality shifts from riding the

                                   wave to being caught in the undertow, When we fall into the pothole, we instinctively

                                   tend to want to hide in our cave to think about what has happened and why.

                                   I liken this to a roller coaster, up and down in our state of being we go


  Clearing Mode -     Addressing core beliefs & childhood wounds that are being triggered

                                    by the collective upheaval


  Survival Mode -     Victim mentality, fear based reactions, critical/judgmental


  Acceptance Mode - Neutrality/bliss/anticipation for whats to come



Package of 5 x sessions over 5 weeks 


  • Closing down and demagnetising you to black holes and collective triggers- aligning to highest and best possible new timelines ( each persons trigger is different, can be genetic, environmental, money, love, success, control, food, power etc    


  • Deletion of all disappointments, judgements & resistance ( these get stuck in the body/fields & attract more situations to judge, feel disappointed by, hold on via a fear of loss)

  •  Harmonising your conscious mind & unconscious mind- the conscious mind is 10% the unconscious  mind is 90% so you can see how the two can be in conflict with the other, you will find that your ability to  manifest what you truly want will greatly increase.


  •  Harmonising the relationship between you and the collective energy


  •  Turning down your magnetic field- turning up your light field - When fear is spiked in the collective grid it  raises the frequency of your personal magnetic field, putting you in direct alignment to “attract” or be  drawn to the collective energies, e.g.; fear based thoughts or occurrences in your life, higher levels of  stress in your physical body, aches/pains or headaches.


  You will also receive 3 free powerful clearing meditations + 2 free mineral remedies



  1.   Stars meditation

  2.   Stepping out of the collective ( protocol for centring)

  3.   Activating the golden grid of magnificence meditation



 Price- $640 (Regular $730) 



Please contact me for other payment options

All can be facilitated via distance

For in clinic clients, 3 sessions are facilitated in clinic and two via distance with a call or recording sent after the session with all the information that came up.

The best way to facilitate this is two sessions per week over two weeks and one on the third week or you can do 1 session a week over 5 weeks.