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About me -

Kinesiologist, Transformation Specialist, Intuitive, Healer






As a Kinesiologist & intuitive healer, my core strength lies in my ability to connect into your true light, and bring awareness to pollution that has blocked your connection, resulting in a body/ mind imbalance.


To be guided by our own internal voice connected to the heart and higher mind is our natural way of being. However, in order to restore and maintain this, we need to clear and remove the clutter.


I work with men, women, children, animals to support holistic transformation, establishing reconnection to self and from this space of clarity and purity helping them to flourish from the inside out.


I was born with a conscious spiritual connection to the divine. I was naturally “plugged in”, but found myself at various stages of life denying/hiding it in order to fit in, please others, experience contrast or remain safe.


Sometimes the truth is scary and requires you to make changes that can be uncomfortable or can be seen as different.Things/people can be seen as they truly are, not by their potential.


You may need to leave relationships that are toxic for you, or move away from certain people or family in order to grow, or confront someone, change your career, get a health check, end a business relationship, etc etc


What I have learned from each contrasting experience is to trust & honour my insight because it is the voice of my soul & it always, always, lovingly leads me in the direction most aligned to my happiness, even if It means I have to experience upheaval on my way to happiness.


When I don’t listen, I am abandoning myself and that never leads to fulfilment…in fact it leads to separation and this usually manifests in my body, relationships, money, life, diet etc.



Dip Kinesiology ( studied 4 different forms)

Dip For. Heal

RAW 1- 10

Advanced TLC

Advanced RCK

Cert Soul Quest 1- 5

Light Dynamics 1-3

Advanced meditation

Pellowah Healing Teacher & practitioner

Balancing Nutrition & Toxicity

Metaphysician /Parasychologist

Early Childhood Teacher







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