"Do the universe a favor, don't hide your magic"









As a Wise Woman

My core strength lies in my ability to connect into your truth, see beyond what is and bring awareness to

outmoded conditioning blocking your true connection to self.

During a session I am able to see, hear and interpret internal and sometimes archetypal dialogue, that is waiting to

be voiced, validated and given a pathway of expression sometimes from the shadow & into the LIGHT.

I am a dismantler of old consciousness, paradigms and structures and act as a bridge between the known

and unknown supporting transitions from your old life and into who you are now becoming.

To be guided by our own internal voice ....


connected to the heart and higher mind is our natural way of being, however collective, ancestral, societal,

programming can corrupt our sense of self & throw out our alignment to our own moral compass & integrity.

Being the clearest possible me, opening up to more and more of the potential within even when It goes against the grain has been my focus from a very young age, needless to say I have lived a very colourful life!

The most important relationship you have is with you...


 How you feel about YOU is everything and from this place you perceive and experience your world.

 Unfortunately our modern era of consumerism can really impact our sense of self if we don't know how to   

deeply value our feminine spirit. This occurs by taking in false information internally as a truth and feeling

flawed in some way....we have lost touch with our ancient urge to walk a creative path ( making and creating)

in favor of consuming eg sitting in front of a computer, television, netflix, video game being "programmed "

to think a certain way instead of questioning and engaging our creative spirit.

There is a sage within you that is so unique and wise ....

That speaks the truth if you are willing to listen, trust & act on what you know is calling you.

It is the voice of your soul & will lovingly lead you in the direction most aligned to your happiness, even if It

 you experience chaos before new structure takes place.

Often when we are in transition between the old and the new, we feel blind to what lays ahead

but.......what I know now is that you must BE it before you "SEE' it

What would you love to create?