Wolf Moon- Lunar Eclipse January 11th

On a Lunar Eclipse ( amplified full moon), the Universe opens a portal of energy that allows it to bless us and help us release something that we weren’t quite ready to let go of in order to keep us moving forward and accelerating higher.

This lunar eclipse sets the theme for the next 6 months. Running our energy through our higherself will draw to us the best opportunities and resources for growth.





private life



mother/ divine goddess


I have only 4 spots available for Jan 11th


 I will be aligning you to the energies of the lunar eclipse and your higher-self

The session 

         “Running my energy through my higher-self in all my interactions"

  You will also receive a remedy sent express post

Moonstone +Love communication or

Wolf activator + Shattukite ( channeling/communication) or silver

1 x Alignment @ $150

Both alignments @ $290


Saturn~ Pluto Conjunct January 13th ~

The most significant cosmic energies we have ever experienced, setting the scene for the whole year ahead.

  • Saturn- limitation, boundaries, fears

  • Pluto- Death/Rebirth/Magic/Passion



Distribution of Power, identity, resources, restructuring, your values, time/focus/investment

This Is really about giving yourself permission to value your calling and acting to bring that into reality


Aligning you with Saturn/ Pluto Conjunct &  your Higher-self

The session 

“Running my energy & power through my higher-self, valuing my dreams and taking aligned action”


Remedies to choose from 

Star crystal~ Leucite ( the creation window) + love communication

Star crystal~ Kinoite ( true structure) I am the creator of my world

Sterillite ( the change maker) + agate Botswana = breaking a habit/s

1 x Alignment @ $150

Both alignments @ $290